Collecting Vintage Metal Signs

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vintage coca cola sign tn Collecting Vintage Metal Signs

Vintage CocaCola

Vintage items just have an attraction that modern day products can’t match. Whether it’s for the memories or the old world style, vintage items just have a whole different personality than new ones produced today. And, vintage signs are no different than vintage glass, toys or other collectables.

Vintage signs carry a piece of history from a much simpler life time. They were made of tin or metal and were either stamped or painted to promote products that ranged from drinks and food to car oil and gasoline. The advertising was plain and simple and generally only one line slogans that caught on and became synonymous to each specific product.

Vintage CocaCola Sign Collecting Vintage Metal Signs

Advertising signs made of metal provided a way for companies to have their advertising posted on the outside of businesses. Many of them are faded from the sun and elements because they literally hung outside for decades. Another problem with vintage signs is that since they were made of metal, the ones that were used outdoors eventually began to rust.

vintage fender metal sign Collecting Vintage Metal Signs

Vintage Fender Metal Sign

While many manufacturers used metal and tin signs for their advertising campaigns, the most popular are beer, soft drinks and gas and oil company signs. The most popular soft drink signs are Coca-Cola and Pepsi, these signs were posted in restaurants across the country.

Other very popular vintage signs include farm signs such as John Deere, car signs like Corvette and even tobacco signs are popular with collectors. Some people have large collections that consist of nothing but vintage road signs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to vintage signs since it was the main way of advertising any product years ago.

Vintage signs range in value, but some are worth thousands of dollars. And, with the popularity these signs have seen in recent years, there’s also been a wide selection of reproductions hitting the market. If you’re just getting into this area of collecting, before paying a huge amount for any sign, do your homework and make sure that you’re actually getting a vintage sign.

Written by Connie Corder, Copyright 2008

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