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October 12, 2008

Collecting Metal Lunch Boxes

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vintage lunch box Collecting Metal Lunch Boxes

Vintage Lunch Box

There was a time when almost every child carried their lunch to school in a metal lunch box. The idea of a lunch box has been around since the early or middle 1800′s. During the Victorian age, manufacturers began to produce tin food containers that resembled lunch boxes. Once the containers were empty they were used to carry lunches and other items.

The thermos bottle came along in 1903 and made the perfect partner for lunch boxes. And, by 1935, Mickey Mouse had became the first licensed character to grace a metal lunch box. In 1950, the television industry kicked off a long line of character lunch boxes. (more…)

October 11, 2008

Collecting Vintage Metal Signs

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vintage coca cola sign tn Collecting Vintage Metal Signs

Vintage CocaCola

Vintage items just have an attraction that modern day products can’t match. Whether it’s for the memories or the old world style, vintage items just have a whole different personality than new ones produced today. And, vintage signs are no different than vintage glass, toys or other collectables.

Vintage signs carry a piece of history from a much simpler life time. They were made of tin or metal and were either stamped or painted to promote products that ranged from drinks and food to car oil and gasoline. The advertising was plain and simple and generally only one line slogans that caught on and became synonymous to each specific product. (more…)

October 10, 2008

Collecting Vintage Bank Notes

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ten dollar bison banknote Collecting Vintage Bank Notes

1901 $10 Bison

While coin collecting has been a widely popular hobby for decades, until recently paper money wasn’t quite as popular. There still aren’t near as many collectors of paper money as their is of coins, but it is becoming more popular every year.

Most collectors fit into one of two categories, either they collect only U.S. currency or they collect paper money from around the world. Some collectors concentrate on specific time periods such as World War II or the Civil War era. While other collectors search for specific designs such as animals and political figures. (more…)

October 4, 2008

Collecting Avon Bottles

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vintage avon bottle Collecting Avon Bottles

Vintage Avon Bottle

At 16, David H. McConnel was a door to door salesman that sold books. He wasn’t seeing much success in sales and began handing out samples of perfume he’d created as a way to entice women into purchasing books. The perfume became so popular, that many of the women didn’t want to use any other kind. In 1886, he founded the California Perfume Company and began manufacturing his perfume in a 500 square foot office.

The company quickly grew and by 1897, he’d built a 3000 square foot laboratory and by 1928, yearly sales had totaled $2 million! The company became Avon Products Inc. in October of 1939 and in 1954, yearly sales topped out at $55 million. Today, Avon is sold worldwide with sales averaging $8 billion!

Most Avon bottle collections probably began with an empty bottle that was just too pretty to throw away! Avon has had so many bottle designs like wildlife, figures, cars and much more that even collectors that specialize in one design can find many items for their collections.

California Perfume Charisma Collecting Avon BottlesFor many people, collecting Avon bottles and decanters is just a much loved hobby. While for others it’s considered an investment. The best reason to collect them is just simply because you love the many beautiful designs that they were manufactured in.

The really old Avon bottles featured porcelain heads and are very highly sought after by serious collectors. The bottles that had porcelain heads weren’t mass manufactured and are rare. The original label and packaging are also a big bonus for any bottle if you’re collecting them more for an investment than for enjoyment.

The date the bottle was produced is of course, very important. As a general rule any Avon bottle that was made before 1975 is said to be valuable. However, general rules only apply when there’s not thousands of an item readily available. The most valuable bottles are the ones that were produced¬† earlier than 1935.

vintage avon bottle grecian head Collecting Avon Bottles

Vintage Avon Bottle

According to Avon the most highly collectable bottles are the bottles with porcelain heads, Mrs. Albee, the Cape Cod collection, figurines, steins and decanters. Anything that came in sets is also very collectable, pieces sometimes get lost, broken or separated and it’s hard to find complete sets.

Items that have the CPC mark for California Perfume Company are of course generally the most valuable. Since Avon bottles are just one of those things you can’t seem to throw away once they’re empty, they’re still thousands of each design around today. This is why that the only ones that have real monetary value are the antique bottles.

Value is in the eye of the beholder, or in this case the collector! Any collectable has the potential to be valuable if there’s someone that wants it bad enough. But, the plain truth is that most Avon bottles aren’t valuable enough to be considered an actual investment. So, anyone that does collect them or is interested in collecting them should do for themselves!

Written by Connie Corder, Copyright 2008 TLCollectables.com

October 1, 2008

Collecting Carnival Glass

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The much loved iridized coating that creates carnival glass began appearing in the early 1900′s. Carnival glass is pressed with the use of a mold. Iron molds are used to create the beautiful patterns while the glass is in molten form. Once cooled, metallic salts are sprayed onto the glass that gives it the wonderful multi-color coating.

There are other types of glass that is iridized, some date back for thousands of years. Many of these old pieces were merely iridized from chemicals found in the soil in which they were buried for centuries. But, the manufacturing process of carnival glass didn’t start until Fenton began producing the pieces in 1907. (more…)

September 26, 2008

Collecting Vintage Christmas Ornaments

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vintage christmas ornaments tn Collecting Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Vintage Christmas Ornaments: A Collection of Christmas Past

Even if you don’t consider yourself a collector, you probably have a collection of Christmas ornaments! Anyone that celebrates the Christmas season generally has several boxes of their favorite ornaments that they’ve had for years.

From a baby’s first ornament to an ornament you received as a gift, most ornaments hold some type of sentimental value. And, if you love Christmas and love decorating for the holiday season, collecting vintage Christmas ornaments would be a great hobby for you!

Vintage Christmas ornaments make such a great collectable because unlike many other items that are for display only, they can actually be used during the holiday season. The history and nostalgia of vintage pieces can add so much to the beauty of the tree and the traditions of the season.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments Collecting Vintage Christmas OrnamentsThere are many different types of ornament collectors, some will choose ornaments based on shape, some on manufacturer and some by time periods. There are also an endless number of figural ornaments such as reindeer and Santa’s that are very popular among collectors.

Many collectors just love decorating their home with ornaments that have a long history. And, they will just collect any ornament they like instead of sticking with certain types, if it’s a beautiful, vintage ornament it can find a home in someone’s collection!

Some collectors have amassed such huge collections that each Christmas they will decorate their homes with several trees just to get to display their collection! And, almost all collectors are constantly searching for more pieces throughout the entire year, not just during the Christmas season.

The two main collectable time periods are the Victorian era and the middle century more modern ornaments. The Shiny Brite Co. made ornaments from the 40′s until the 60′s that are highly sought after today. But, Vintage ornaments date all the way back to the early or mid 1800′s, so there’s unlimited options when choosing your ornaments.

vintage box christmas ornaments1 Collecting Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Box of Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Some of the most cherished vintage Christmas ornaments are made from cotton, cardboard and glass. Ornaments made from these three materials are some of the highest priced ornaments available. Some of the glass ornaments will cost between $100 and $1,000, depending on how rare the piece is and how bad someone wants to add it to their collection.

Cotton ornaments are usually always figural, they will have a primitive look and can range from $400 up to $600. The cardboard ornaments are Dresden Ornaments, made in Germany they’re made from embossed cardboard that was painted in a way to resemble delicate glass. Dresden ornaments were usually give out as party favors and can range from $800 up to $2,000! Some Dresden ornaments have even brought as much as $15,000!

Written by Connie Corder, Copyright 2008 TLCollectables.com

Collecting Vintage Postcards

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vintage postcard tn Collecting Vintage Postcards

Vintage Postcard

Collecting Vintage Postcards Is The Third Largest Hobby!

Collecting vintage postcards is a much loved hobby enjoyed by people around the world. Postcards rank as the third largest collectable items in the world, only being surpassed by stamp and coin collecting! The proper name for postcard collecting is actually deltiolgy.

For years it was thought that postcards were first offered for sale at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois in May of 1893. These postcards depicted views of the Exposition and the surrounding buildings. They were sold as both advertisements and souvenirs. (more…)

September 18, 2008

Collect a Piece of History With Antique Guns

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antique gun tn Collect a Piece of History With Antique Guns

Antique Firearm

Guns have had a pretty extensive and sorted history. They’ve saved lives and taken lives as new frontiers were settled. They’ve won wars and fed families on daily hunts. They’ve made their mark forever in history and have been around for centuries.

At one time there were few families that didn’t have at least one gun, survival literally depended on it. Today, guns have became much loved and sought after collectors items. And, with many guns being valued at thousands of dollars, they’re also being purchased as investments.


September 10, 2008

Collecting Vintage and Classic Records

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vinyl lp record Collecting Vintage and Classic Records

Vinyl 33 1/3 LP Record

Technology may keep advancing and cassettes might get replaced with CDs, but the old vinyl LP’s won’t ever go out of style! For many people the sound of the old records just can’t be matched by anything else!

Collecting vintage and classic LP’s started for many when they were still teenagers. From buying the newest release when they first came out, to scouring yard sales, flea markets and thrift stores, those collections have continued to grow through the years!


September 8, 2008

Fast Food Toys Aren’t Just For Kids

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mcdonalds happy meal box Fast Food Toys Arent Just For Kids

McDonalds Happy Meal

Anyone can be a big collector of fast food toys, but the simple truth is that most avid collectors are grown ups! With every new movie, video game or comic book a new toy shows up in one of the fast food chains. And, each one quickly becomes a much loved collectable for someone.

These cute little toys started out as a lure to get children to ask for the restaurants kid meals. But, adults are often seen buying these small portion meals just to get another toy to add to their collection! The small toys quickly became the biggest advertising gimmick in the world.


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